The launch of the Agile Content Marketing Roadmap book is scheduled for publication in Autumn 2024. However, at this early stage, we will provide you with a short introduction to each of the six steps of the Agile Content Marketing Roadmap on this website. (By the way, if you share the tweet below, you will help more people to use the Roadmap and contribute to its development. It’s only one click!)

Explore the Content Marketing Roadmap step by step:

Wrap up
In each of these six stages, it’s essential to consider how you should organise your Roadmap activities to obtain the best results possible, and to consider which technology and tools can be used to support that organisational effort. New tools are launched nearly every day now and they can be useful time-savers or they can offer you better insights, effectiveness or efficiency.

If you adopt the Agile Content Marketing Roadmap as a framework for your activities, please consider how you can adapt it to your specific situation and improve it. It’s not the law; it’s a guideline for agile content marketing!